Area manufacturers have been selected as ambassadors to represent the industry by providing access through tours, connections through job/career fairs, by providing internships and job shadowing, and supporting others who wish to learn more about or gain access to a career in manufacturing. Contact an ambassador directly to learn more about the industry opportunities.

Manufacturing Ambassadors

We’re looking for a few great manufacturers who are committed to leading their industry and community while advancing the future of Wisconsin manufacturing, who are determined to attract and retain their next generation of talented workers, and who are willing to share their time, talent, best practices and more to promote careers in manufacturing.

How the Ambassadors Help

Ambassadors determine their level of participation based on their schedule and resources. Whether you are a small company with limited staff and restricted time to commit or a large company with a number of available volunteers – you can participate!

  • Conducting tours of their state-of-the-art facilities
  • Exhibiting at career fairs
  • Offering internships/externships and job shadowing to showcase manufacturing opportunities
  • Partnering with educators to develop manufacturing career pathways and aligning the curriculum with the needs of manufacturers
  • Providing scholarships
  • Sharing the success stories of their current employees
  • Speaking about careers in manufacturing to school boards, parents, educators, etc.

Current Ambassadors